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The Contortion Library was created as an effort to enhance and preserve the wonderful art form of contortion.  This is a place for all to come who appreciate the wonders of the flexible female body.

The Contortion Library contains over 250,000 contortion photos and videos.  It is arguably the world's largest collection of its kind and most of the material here is available for your enjoyment.

As you can see, the Contortion Library has sections highlighting female flexibility in several genres.  Each section has sample images along with a description of the material contained in the disks..



Photo Disks: 
Each disk contains approximately 100 images in high resolution TIFF format.  They are listed by name of the artist. Some artists have multiple CD's.  There are also other disks that have specialized collections.  A complete listing of all disks available can be found in the Library Store.

Video Disks: 
Each video disk is in WMV format. They contain footage of contortion artists both professional and amateurs.  While the quality of most of the material is good, some of the older footage has been enhanced to preserve their value to the contortion community.

The Reading Room:
In the Reading Room, you will find contortion related stories written by friends of the Contortion Library.

Want To Chat:
Yahoo Messenger:  Send message to "dltsr:.

Contributions to the Contortion Library:
If you have contortion material you would like to contribute to the Library, send email describing what you have.  If it is accepted, other material will be generously traded for your contribution.



All items in the Contortion Library are priced to encourage multiple item orders. PayPal is the exclusive agent for all purchases. If further information regarding purchases is required, please send email.

Important Notice:
All images and other material contained in the Contortion Library are copyrighted. Unauthorized duplication or other usage is expressly prohibited without prior approval.  All models presented in the Contortion Library are at least18 years old or parental permission is present.

Very Important Notice:
Sadly, due to a recent hard drive crash and corrupted backup, all the American Beauty series was lost.  Thanks to several long time supporters of the Contortion Library, all the material has been recovered and is now available for purchase.



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